Strictly Business

Dizzy Spell: Strictly Business is an artist run pop-up arcade of curated videogames

Friday, AUGUST 26, 2022, 6pm – 10pm
SATURDAY, August 27, 2022, 12pm – 6pm
at Buntport Theater (
717 Lipan St, denver, co 80204
$10 or pay what you can.
High quality kn-95 masks worn over nose and Below chin required.
facebook event page is here

A former president once held the mantra “it’s the economy, stupid” during their campaign. We feel this needs amendment: it’s the stupid economic system. This collection of games explores and critiques the financial system we live in.

Dancing animated character from the viideogame "Eat The Rich". Pictured is an animated dancing figure with uncanny anatomy in the middle of the image in front of a pulsating sign that reads BEZOS. Occasionally two other figures pop in from the lower corners.
Dancing animated character from Eat The Rich
Excited shoppers rushing the store from the videogame "Eat The Rich". Pictured is a 3D animated mob of pink fleshy, rubbery figures rushing from left to right, sweeping up and tumbling shopping carts in their path. They crush one another at a turnstile in their haste.
Excited shoppers rushing the store from Eat The Rich

Artist: Evan Greenwood, Luc Wolthers, Jason Sutherland

Title: Eat The Rich


“Gather a mob and score massive savings! The more you save the happier you will be!”

The game is as yet unfinished, but this demo should give a sense of where things are headed.

Origin: South Africa/Thailand

Year: 2019

All you need to make that good first impression, win friends, and influence people! A firm handshake!
With multiple levels, A Firm Handshake has surprises we don’t want to spoil here!

Artist: Torfi Ásgeirsson

Title:  A Firm Handshake

Statement: I don’t really know what this game is about other than it’s funny to watch these little guys walk around. I suppose part of it is about social anxiety. Maybe part of it is also about the absurdity of the rituals that surround social interaction, especially in formal settings. Part of it is definitely about the sheer panic and desperation of discovering that you are no longer a part of the group. Someone more articulate than me could explain how that mirrors capitalism and its treatment of those who aren’t willing or able to submit to the group. That’s not necessarily what I was thinking about when I made the game but I’m happy that some people saw something there that made it worth including in an anticapitalist context.

Origin: Iceland

Year: 2021

You are a newly elected President in Molleindustria’s Democratic Socialism Simulator!

Artist: Molleindustria

Title:  Democratic Socialism Simulator


Pave the road to a post-capitalist society!
The Democratic Socialism Simulator lets you play as the first socialist president of the United States.
Can you redistribute power and wealth while addressing the climate crisis?
Enact radical reforms, tax the rich, transform the economy, tackle the most pressing issues without alienating voters or bankrupting the government. But beware: the ruling class won’t give up its power easily. Even your closest allies may turn on you.

The Democratic Socialism Simulator is an attempt to prefigure the opportunities and challenges of a Sanders (or Sanders-like) presidency. It’s by no means a serious simulation, but is based on extensive research on viable policies, and on the history of social-democracies.
This game aims to go beyond the personal attacks and bad faith analysis of the electoral cycle and focus on what can be concretely done once in power. The Democratic Socialism Simulator is meant to entertain, enrage, provoke socialist-curious players as well as comrades on the front lines of the political revolution.

Origin: USA

Year: 2020

Feel the rage! Go on a Lost Wage Rampage!

Artist: Jane Friedhoff (game design and code), Marlowe Dobbe (art and animation), Andy Wallace (procedural level generation), Streepthroat (music)

Title:  Lost Wage Rampage

Statement: Lost Wage Rampage is a fast, raucous arcade driving game about what happens when two shopgirls find out their male coworkers have been paid more than them, and decide to steal back the difference. It’s a cheeky take on the gender pay gap, a satirical game based on the all-too-common female experience of discovering you’re being underpaid and wanting to do something about it. Lost Wage Rampage was made possible by a commission from the Peabody Essex Museum.

Origin: USA

Year: 2018

Sell insurance to bison and get money to buy plants for your mom, try not to go broke!

Artist: Justin Smith

Title:  Risky Bison

Statement: Risky Bison is a frantic game about securing the financial future of a herd of buffaloes. Sell insurance on the high plains! Fight the law! Collect unusual cacti!

Origin: Canada

Year: 2015

Artist: Space Backyard

Title: Statues

Statement: It reads as a folk-tale and sounds like a nursery rhyme. This is the story of a pompous King, so oblivious to the needs of his subjects as to throw a party to keep them calm and obedient. They played Statues all night long. At dawn the King was naked

Origin: Italy

Year: 2017

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