Opening Saturday, July 8, 2023, 5:30pm – 10pm
W/ Sequence Break Screening

JULY 8 – JULY 22

717 LIPAN ST, DENVER, CO 80204

An Exhibition of games which are short and sweet that challenge traditional video games while still offering rich content.

This exhibition is part of Denver Month of Video. (

Artist: Adam Le Doux

Title: Mossland


little bug lives in a bottle world it has everything they need – soil, water, air, light… but what lies beyond the glass?

Origin: USA

Artist: Luis Díaz Peralta

Title:  Constancia


Constancia is the result of the exercise of trying to translate an artistic piece from one medium (comic) to another (games). There is no goal, and the game just tries to enhance the feelings behind a vignette with a simple (yet relevant) mechanic.

Origin: Spain

Artist: Cecile Richard



UNDER A STAR CALLED SUN is a sci-fi Bitsy game about grieving, holding on to fading memories, and carrying the world on your shoulders.

Origin: Australia

Artist: Gaël Bourhis

Title:  Kristallijn


Kristallijn is a short first-person ambient game experimenting around the strobe effect. It’s an experience about motion without motion, where the interval between two flashes becomes an unresolved space, questioning the continuity of our perceptions and our existences.

Origin: France

Artist: Pippin Barr

Title:  A Series of Gunshots


A Series of Gunshots is a meditation on videogame and real world gun violence. Players are invited into an experience of studied neutrality and asked to confront ordinarily trivialized violent acts head on. By stripping away narrative, points, and fun, A Series of Gunshots is just that: a series of gunshots. It becomes the player’s work to make sense of it, if they can.

Origin: New Zealand/Canada

Artist: Andre Blyth

Title: Patient Rituals


Patient Rituals is an interactive performance installation piece in which the artist, as performer in the role of a dealer or an oracle, engage with players through an emergent narrative experience. Using a ‘deck’ of vignettes, players experience three small games in a varying sequences dependent upon the shuffling of the deck.

Origin: USA/New Zealand

Artist: Farfama

Title:  Solastalgia


Solastalgia is a short interactive visual poem about loss, longing, and dislocation. The word solastalgia was coined by philosopher Glenn Albrecht in his 2003 paper Solastalgia: A new concept in human health and identity. It describes it as the pain experienced when there is recognition that the place where one resides and that one loves is under immediate assault. It is manifest in an attack on one’s sense of place, in the erosion of the sense of belonging to a particular place and a feeling of distress about its transformation.

Origin: Canada

Artist: Julian

Title: Promesa


“The reality of it is… we went back and forth for twenty years, with everything, the family… until the both of us grew too old. You see, if it had been for me, I’d be returning anew! It’s like a chasm, something that attracts me, you know?” Promesa is a contemplative and slow videogame where you wander through dreams, memories and fantasies, exploring the images that emerge when you listen to someone dear that is trying to remember their past. From memories of homes and streets to visions of imaginary places, past and present blend together, forming a stream of images that are both personal and shared. Promesa is about what happens when we’re left dreaming of the things we haven’t lived firsthand.

Origin: Italy

Artist: Jordan Magnuson

Title: Freedom Bridge


A tiny game poem about a bridge, and freedom.

Origin: USA

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